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  • Episode 1: Is there more to life than this?
  • Episode 2: Who is Jesus?
  • Episode 3: Why did Jesus die?
  • Episode 4: How can I have faith?
  • Episode 5 : How and why should I pray?
  • Episode 6: How and why should I read the Bible?
  • Episode 7: How does God guide us?
  • Episode 8: Who is the Holy Spirit? (Weekend talk 1)
  • Episode 9: What does the Holy Spirit do? (Weekend talk 2)
  • Episode 10: How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit? (Weekend talk 3)
  • Episode 11: How can I make the most of the rest of my life? (Weekend talk 4)
  • Episode 12: How can I resist evil?
  • Episode 13: Why and how should I tell others?
  • Episode 14: Does God heal today?
  • Episode 15: What about the church?

Type of Resource:

Video and discussion.

What ages can this work for:


What’s in it:

15 free episodes, each around 20-25 minutes long. Each episode includes discussion breaks for conversation.

It includes guides and supporting materials: everything you need to help plan, manage and promote you Alpha

How many sessions:


What we like about this resource:

The film series is designed to take the weight off your shoulders and allow you to create the atmosphere, invite young people, and be fully present during each session. Every episode has breaks for discussion, and shows a variety of youth and young adults from around the world speaking their minds about faith and God. This will set the stage for honest and open dialogue.

What it costs:


Where can I get it:

Sample Curriculum: Episode 1

How you could use this curriculum:

Use the Youth Alpha Film Series to introduce young people to the Christian Faith. Either use as a curriculum in your youth group, or organsiae a separate weekly Alpha meal night.

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