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How to plan your youth ministry teaching for the year

How to use Stepping Stones:

  1. Prayerfully consider where your young people are at, and what you want them to know, be and do as followers of Christ.
  2. Choose resources that will fit their needs, trying to ensure that you cover some of the material in all 5 categories over a 3 year period
  3. Use the Stepping Stones Planner Template to map out a learning plan for your young people.
  4. Adapt and tweak these resources to fit your context.
  5. You don’t have to use the resources that we are suggesting if you find or create something that you think has worked better we would love to hear from you.
  6. Provide opportunities for your students to live out the ideas that you discuss. This could mean setting a practical homework assignment like talking to a new student at school or getting your youth group to take part in a service project , or forge an ongoing relationship with some folk in your community.