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SESSION 1 Creation: The Beginning of Life as We Know It
SESSION 2 God Builds a Nation
SESSION 3 Joseph: From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh
SESSION 4 Deliverance
SESSION 5 New Commands and a New Covenant
SESSION 6 Wandering
SESSION 7 The Battle Begins
SESSION 8 A Few Good Men . . . and Women
SESSION 9 The Faith of a Foreign Woman
SESSION 10 Standing Tall, Falling Hard
SESSION 11 From Shepherd to King
SESSION 12 The Trials of a King
SESSION 13 The King Who Had It All
SESSION 14 A Kingdom Torn in Two
SESSION 15 God’s Messengers
SESSION 16 The Beginning of the End (of the Kingdom of Israel). 136
SESSION 17 The Kingdoms’ Fall
SESSION 18 Daniel in Exile
SESSION 19 The Return Home
SESSION 20 The Queen of Beauty and Courage
SESSION 21 Rebuilding the Walls
SESSION 22 The Birth of the King
SESSION 23 Jesus’ Ministry Begins
SESSION 24 No Ordinary Man
SESSION 25 Jesus, the Son of God
SESSION 26 The Hour of Darkness
SESSION 27 The Resurrection
SESSION 28 New Beginnings
SESSION 29 Paul’s Mission
SESSION 30 Paul’s Final Days
SESSION 31 The End of Time

Type of Resource:

Video, discussion and book.

What ages can this work for:

12+ (but also have church wide options)

What’s in it:

31 videos, teachers guide, student handouts, and paperback story version of the Bible


How many sessions:


What we like about this resource:

This is a great resource for helping your young people learn the big story of the bible.

What it costs:

DVD is US$50
Each paper book is US$17

Where can I get it:



Sample Curriculum:

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