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Mental and Emotional Health

Type of Resource:

Online videos

What ages can this work for:

Aimed at Young Adults but would work for Year 12+or anyone who is suffering or supporting someone else through any mental health issues

What’s in it:

  • Episode #1 – Beating Burnout (Burnout)
  • Episode #2 – Fighting Fear (Anxiety)
  • Episode #3 – Good Grief (Grief) Episode #4 –
  • Defeating Depression (Depression)

How many sessions:


What we like about this resource:

This resource provides fantastic quirk, well researched insights into for very common mental health challenges that will lots of young people and adults face. It does a great job of integrating modern psychology and counselling with the Christian worldview. This resource also teaches small groups and communities how to do a better job of sharing about life’s challenges and supporting each other

What it costs:


Where can I get it:

How you could use this curriculum:

This would be an excellent four-part series to do with your leaders, young adults or senior youth group students. The videos can be watched by large groups and then split into smaller groups for discussion

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