Mind your Faith



Critical Reasoning

Type of Resource:

Book with additional study guide from PYM.

What ages can this work for:


What’s in it:

“I don’t have beliefs, I just have scientific knowledge”

“Believing in God is irrational”

“Science has found no more evidence for an afterlife than it has found for Santa’s workshop at the North Pole”

These are some common examples of objections to the Christian faith.On the surface they can appear very challenging however on closer scrutiny these statements add up to nothing but empty rhetoric. It takes skill to analyse these statements and Mind Your Faith is an excellent book to help you and your students to do so. We think this is one of the best books to prepare students for thinking contextually, logically and critically; necessary skills for faith to flourish in a world filled with many competing world views and perspectives. This book is a must for those preparing for university.

How many sessions:

Up to 13, depending on how much detailed discussion you want to go into

What it costs:


Where can I get it:

Where can I get it: You can borrow this book from us or buy it on kindle

How you could use this curriculum:

Encourage your students to read a chapter of the book and then come together for discussion with the study guide by PYM

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