Living Lent



Come on a 40 day discovery of how to live in sympathy with the world’s needs.

Type of Resource:

Online daily study for 40 days

What ages can this work for:

Years 9+

What’s in it:

7 sections with 6-7 studies under each heading

Intro to Lent
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Economic Justice
Divestment and Emissions
Eat Sustainably
Creation Care
Speak Up

How many sessions:


What we like about this resource:

This very well throughout but simple resource helps to ground the outworkings of our  faith in the day to day decisions that we make around what we buy, what we do with our time etc.

What it costs:


Where can I get it:

How you could use this curriculum:

Either Individually or as a group work through the readings for each day. We would recommend doing this in community and sharing the challenges and the changes that take place.

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