Ed’s Story



Reflections on the Christian Life

Type of Resource:

DVD resources with discussion guide

What ages can this work for:

Secondary School

What’s in it:

A seven-part film series about hope, featuring Ed Dobson; a prominent US preacher whose life was redefined by a debilitating and life-threatening illness.

This DVD includes all seven films: It Ain’t Over, Consider the Birds, Be There, My Garden, Ask Forgiveness, Grateful, and Healing.

How many sessions:


What we like about this resource:

Ed’s story invites us to look past the western delusion of health, success and immortality and provides us with deep insights and difficult questions that will help us all to discern what is really important in life and how to traverse some of the challenging obstacles that we will all ultimately face.

What it costs:

US$12 + postage

Where can I get it:


Sample Curriculum:

ED’S STORY It Ain’t Over from Flannel Staff on Vimeo.

How you could use this curriculum:

Watch the film and use the discussion guide to facilitate small group discussion. This resource requires very little preparation time, its basically plug and play. Although you may want to create some of your own questions and perhaps invite participants into some embodied responses after.

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