Echo the Story



An overview of the biblical story

Type of Resource:

12 lessons. Also has optional activity books for students but generally isn’t worth the cost.

What ages can this work for:

Years 7-13

What’s in it:

Echo the Story  is a 12-session overview of the Bible for youth.

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Sample Curriculum:

Download a complete lesson

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The Process

Echo The Story creates an imaginative environment that helps students discover meaning and identity in the Biblical narrative.

Youth Curriculum Session Flow:

  • Rewind – use an animated video to review previous stories (5 minutes)
  • Prepare – focus our minds for imaginative listening (5 minutes)
  • Imagine – listen actively to a live telling of a Bible story (10 minutes)
  • Capture – record observations by sketching or writing (5 minutes)
  • Remix – choose from drawing or writing activities to retell part of the story in your own way (15 minutes)
  • Connect – share insights through guided dialogue (15 minutes)
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