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Tackling the difficult questions in the Christian life

Type of Resource:

Book with discussions

What ages can this work for:

Years 11+

What’s in it:

Discussion material around some of the difficult topics that Christians must wrestle with:The Bible, Creation & Evolution, Women & God, Homosexuality, Violence, Bad Things Happening to Good People, Doubt, Hell, Forgiveness, Pre-Marital Sex.

How many sessions:

Two editions. #1 contains eight lessons. #2 contains six lessons.

What we like about this resource:

Accommodates a broad spectrum of belief within the Christian worldview and allows students to wrestle with the topics in a safe and informed way.

What it costs:

$12US per book

Where can I get it:

Where can I get it:Borrow it from PYM or purchase

Sample Curriculum:

How you could use this curriculum:

Use the resource for small group discussion

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