Break the Cycle


Type of Resource:

3 part study

What ages can this work for:

Years 11+

What’s in it:

3 studies that follow real life statistics, challenge and inspiration from the bible and practical ways that we can counter the poverty cycle both locally and internationally

  • Study 1: Experiencing Poverty.
  • Study 2: Breaking the Cycle.
  • Study 3: God’s Plan – Our Response.

How many sessions:


What we like about this resource:

These studies have great succinct information and simple and powerful invitations for us all to make a difference in these issues

What it costs:


Where can I get it:

From the Tearfund website

How you could use this curriculum:

Work though the worksheet, you could create powerpoint if you wanted to. Then give lots of time to allow your community to wrestle with how they could make a difference.

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