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The trouble with Paris

Topic: Following Jesus in the hyper-real world Type of Resource: DVD What ages can this work for: 16+ How many sessions: 4 What we like about this resource: This is a brilliant resource to get folk to think critically about how media and marketing warp...

The Bible Project

Topic: Exploration of biblical themes and selected books Type of Resource: 7 minutes video‚Äôs, posters and study guides. What ages can this work for: 16+ What’s in it: Over 95 resources; 7 minute Videos, Posters and Study guides On: Biblical Themes Torah Series Old testament...

Animate Bible

Topic: Curriculum designed to reinvigorate and deepen understanding of the Bible. Type of Resource: Video and Journal Resource What ages can this work for: 18+ What’s in it: Canon: Mining for the Word – Eric Elnes History: Parchment to Pixel – Phyllis Tickle Testaments: One...

Animate Faith

Topic: Exploring the central topics of the Christian Faith Type of Resource: DVD and Workbook What’s in it: God: Faith Is a Quest – Brian McLaren Religion: Spirituality Is not Enough – Lillian Daniel Jesus: The Revolution of Love – Mark Scandrette Salvation: Abundant Life...

Re:form Traditions (Reformed)

Topic: Exploring our reformed theological tradition Type of Resource: DVD resources with discussion guide What ages can this work for: Years 7+ What’s in it: 4 sessions Was the Reformed tradition really started by a control freak? If God has already predestined me to heaven...