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Stepping Stones is designed to help you:

1Find excellent resources fast. We have hand-picked a few resources that have excellent content and are easy to use.


2 Help you create a long-term plan for discipling the young people entrusted to you from the ages of 10-30 years old.


3Think about discipling young people in a well-rounded, holistic way.

The Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is a long-range approach to discipleship.  To ensure we are not teaching on our pet topics over and over again, we split our recommended resources into one of four categories (Stepping Stones):


These resources help us learn about the doctrines and beliefs that make us Christian


These resources teach us about practices and experiences that help us to grow in relationship with God and His church.


In Luke 4:18-19 Jesus reads from the scroll of Isaiah proclaiming “sight for the blind” and” freedom for the oppressed”. These resources inform and challenge us to seek transformation in our society.


These resources help young people to understand themselves and to wrestle with challenging issues that we face (sexuality,relationships, vocation and finances etc) and help us to make our actions consistent with our Christian worldview.